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 My Bun Buns :D

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My Bun Buns :D Empty
PostSubject: My Bun Buns :D   My Bun Buns :D EmptyThu Dec 01, 2011 7:03 am

First off is my Amy. She is 4yrs old and came from P@H. She was alone and being poked by children through the bars. I went in for hay and came out with her. A bit of an impulse thing on my part but I don't regret it for a second
My Bun Buns :D 302659_169485256462592_100002033564505_330734_8125537_n

Second is my Dooey. He is a private rehome. My friend felt he would have a better home with me as he could be a husbun for Amy. I love this boy, he's so snuggly
My Bun Buns :D 388679_208679012543216_100002033564505_441093_1535366662_n

And last but not least is my gorgeous, gorgeous snowbun, Alfie. He passed away in October and left a massive hole in my life. I have grown up with rabbits but he was a special boy. He was another P@H bunny who was alone (can you see a pattern here?) If there was ever a poster bunny for NOT buying from a pet shop, then he was it. Gut problems, teeth problems, abscesses. But, do you know what, I wouldn't have swapped him for the world. I'm so glad he came home with us who were willing to spend a small fortune on him. He was worth every penny and then some love
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My Bun Buns :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Bun Buns :D   My Bun Buns :D EmptyThu Dec 01, 2011 7:08 am


Poor Alfie. I hate how petshops sell animals, they have poor care, knowledge or vetting for the new homes. rant
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My Bun Buns :D
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