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 Reputable breeding.

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Reputable breeding.  Empty
PostSubject: Reputable breeding.    Reputable breeding.  EmptyMon Nov 07, 2011 6:34 am

Health testing.
Do many DNA based health tests.

DNA profiling.

Hip and elbow scores can be done by vets but please do give them a call and ensure they do it frequently as you are more likely to get a true result from a vet with more experience.
Some more information can be found here:

If you use a vet for hip/elbow scoring and have had good experiences please PM me as I am hoping to compel a list of hip score suggested vets to help those looking.

Eye exams can be done by a BVA eye specialist.
The list can be found here:

Taking part in dog showing is also a great way to assess your dogs temperament as well as how your dog stands up to the breed standard.
Contact your breed club to find out more about showing your breed of dog and if your dog is to standard.
Showing is a fun and challenging experience and most dogs enjoy it although some may not be cut out for the ring.

Hope these links prove helpful. Star
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Reputable breeding.
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