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 Forum rules.

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PostSubject: Forum rules.   Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:06 am

Welcome to petforum.
There are basic rules that ALL members should keep to at all times, anyone found to be breaking the forum rules will receive a warning. After which if the member is still breaking the rules they will be suspended for 2 weeks. After the 2 week suspension if the member continues to break the rules their account will be banned.

Here are the forum rules.

-No personal attacks on any member. Any disagreements should be dealt with in an adult manner.
-No racism or hate speech.
-No spam.
-No advertising other forums and keep item advertising in the correct section.
-No live animal sales through the forum, nor any stud sales ect.
-Do not give out personal information (address, phone number ect).
-Please do not post any pornographic or disturbing images on the forum.
-Please keep language clean.
-Animal abusers are not welcome on the forum and will be banned should they appear.

Personal attacks
If you feel you have been personally attacked via the forum (pm or discussion) please contact myself or a moderator and print screen the PM, discussion to help us assess the situation.
If you are found to have personally attacked a member you will get a PM with your warning and further information.

Sales of animals
This is not allowed on the forum. Anyone found to be doing so will get a warning.
No stud adverts ect are welcome and will be removed and result in a warning.

Giving out personal information.
This is done at your own risk although we strongly advise not to. YOU SHOULD NEVER hand out other members personal information and doing so will result in a straight ban with no warning.

Any questions please feel free to PM. roses
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Forum rules.
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